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Sunday school programs

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As adults, we are bombarded with "The Bible says..." to prove an orator's point. Do we know if the Bible actually says that? Do we know the Bible well enough to make informed, faithful decisions on issues facing us today? Or do we just let someone on the radio or television tell us what to believe?

As young people, we are bombarded with social customs that can be dangerous to our health and well being. Do we know the Bible well enough to use its strength when we need help making decisions?

As children, we spend hours in front of television and games screens. Who is really teaching us what we need to know?

My friends, you are never too old, or too young for Sunday School. It is well worth the extra hour on Sunday morning, for the benefits for the week.

Adult classes

The adult classes are the Fidelity Class, the Fry Bible Class, and the Wesley Fellowship Class, all of which meet in the basement, plus the the Upper Room Class which meets on the first floor.

Upper Room Class

The Upper Room class meets at 9:45 a.m.

Class members are couples and singles of various ages, studying the Bible using the International Lesson series. Weekly attendance is about 12 to 15 individuals.

Most Sundays, Evelyn Henson, a former minister and religion professor from England, leads the lessons with thought-provoking discussions. One Sunday a month, the very knowledgeable Dr. Grayson Foy teaches.

Fry Bible Class

The Men's Bible Class had its beginning 1915, but changed its name in 1963 to the John G. Fry Bible Class, in recognition of Mr. John G. Fry who taught the Class from 1921 to 1955.

Our motto "For Others" was taken from the beautiful hymn entitled "Others." The class truly exemplified this theme through their many contributions to benevolent organizations, such as the Scholarship Fund of Randolph-Macon College, World Service, Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas projects, Sunshine Fund Special Needs, and others.

In November, the class sponsors the Veterans church bulletin to honor those who have served in the military. Anyone interested in joining this class should contact Bill Bowers through the church office.

Classes for young people

We offer a youth class and an elementary class, which both meet on the second floor. Our nursery, "Noah's Ark," is located on the first floor.