Boulevard United Methodist Church
The Shepherd and the lambs

Families and Fun

Come to Sunday School!

The Cross Want to learn more about God? Want to learn more about Jesus? Come to Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. Not only will you hear Bible stories, but you'll also have a chance to work on art projects and other fun stuff!

Mary Marshall opens the nursery at 11:00 a.m.

Some nifty web sites

The Brick Testament - The Bible rendered completely in Legos. Amazing. Seriously.

The Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible - Over 3,000 Bible passages illustrated by artists in many different styles, from surrealism to simple cartoons.

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Bible Diagrams - The Bible described in a series of flowcharts and technical diagrams. Will make your head spin (in a good way).

Gallery of Fun(ny) Church Signs - Sample: "Worry: A Darkroom Where Negatives Develop." The site's a little slow, but it's worth waiting for the pages to load.

The Judas Gospel (@ National Geographic) - National Geographic explores the recent discovery of a document that appears to tell Judas's story.

Science Fiction Writers Listed by Spiritual Affiliation - According to this site, Stephen King and George Lucas are Methodists!

United Methodist-Related Schools, Colleges, Universities and Theological Schools - A list from the official web site of the United Methodist Church.

United Methodist Youth Organization - No dues, no sign-up forms. The Youth Organization is a whole bunch of us with a dream.

World Methodist Council Youth Committee - Empowering young people to change the world by changing the church through witnessing, worshipping, connecting, and strengthening belief in God the Creator, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Virginia United Methodist Youth Fellowship - The web site for the Virginia Conference Council on Youth Ministries. Good stuff.