Boulevard United Methodist Church

Service in the Community

We are committed to work out our faith in the world in which we live. We have representatives of many backgrounds and professions among our members and all are committed to living out their Christian beliefs in the place to which God has called them.

We support the work of the United Methodist Church at home and overseas. Our members have responded generously to many calls for financial donations for those in need, and are actively involved in local community service, in a variety of ways and places.

Community Blessing Fund

The Communion Rail offering on the first Sunday of the month goes to the Community Blessing Fund. This fund helps both our own members and those in the locality in need. It is a very direct mission of service to those close to us. Please give thanks to God for what you have received by supporting this work.

Kid's Cruse

Kid's Cruse is a new non-profit organization dedicated to providing services for court-ordered supervised visitation for non-custodial parents.

The name "Cruse" is taken from a story about the prophet Elijah, who lodged with two foreigners, a single mother and her son, in a time of famine. As long as the famine lasted, neither the cruse (jar) of oil nor the flour ever became empty and mother and son were able to eat and live, because of the stranger that stayed with them. (I Kings 17: 8-16)

We want to be the stranger that makes a difference in the lives of the children and young people who are hungry for parental attention in their lives.

Kid's Cruse envisages an open and inclusive organization where no-one in need of its services is turned away, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, marital status, or any other personal characteristic or history.

Objectives: (1) To provide a safe and interactive environment for the child to be with the non-custodial parent. (2) To provide supervision of the child and non-custodial parent, ensuring that any existing court order is observed. (3) To enable non-custodial parents of limited financial means to meet with their children and remain in contact with their progress in a significant way.

Contact Evelyn Henson for more information.

World Methodist Council

The World Methodist Council endeavors to strengthen international ties, promote understanding, clarify theological and moral standards, and identify priorities for the Methodist movement. More info:

On racism

We believe that racism in all its forms is an unmitigated evil. To learn more about how you can fight racism in your community, visit General Commission on Religion and Race.

Questions about the Methodist church?

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